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Tips for Buying a Caravan for your Holiday

There are a variety of reasons for buying a caravan; family holiday, regular short trips, extended bush travels or extended retirement travels. They are all a bit different but not necessarily mutually exclusive – it’s just a matter of determining your priorities and how much comfort you wish to live in whilst you travel.

Now that you know what it is going to be used for do some homework. Some of the places to look before you start buying a caravan include the internet. You must already have access to the internet to find this site, so continue using the internet in your privacy without any pressure. Have a look through the classified ads in newspapers, trader publications, leisure magazines etc.

If it is that time of the year in your area, caravan and leisure shows are a good way to have a look at various vans at one convenient location. You can make comparisons without getting “trapped” by pushy sales people. If (and only if) you have already researched your potential purchase and decided that a new unit is what you want, think about buying one on the spot: show-only discounts often represent good value.

If it is time to do some leg work go a visit some dealers, draw up a list of “must haves” and take it with you as you shop. Have a look at a number of different kinds of units (caravan, motorhome, campers) in both the new and second-hand markets in order to establish what you can get for your money. The leisure market is large these days and there is no need to rush in – take your time and get it right.

When you do go shopping for buying a caravan take a tape measure with you to see what fits in where.

New caravans, campervans, camper-trailers and motorhomes are all available through dealers and in some cases, direct from the manufacture. Used units are available through dealers, or privately through the classified ads in newspapers, trader publications, leisure magazines and of course on the internet.

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