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Sanur Beach in Bali

Pleasant aspects of Sanur

More pleasant aspects of Sanur is a large seaside. The pontoon is about 5 km, the whole road like a mess, visitors can walk and explore, snack or snack stop, many beach side restaurants and cafes, the required time. Beautiful white sandy beaches, ideal for big wall sheltered Sanur, low-key surfboard, this rider with their children and families. Food and beverage prices are decent and well stocked bar is a popular tourist destination, and conversion of all the evening in this field.

More pleasant aspects of Sanur

A small international airport is located 15 minutes drive of the Sanur beach activities and interests of a large number of visitors. International Kite Festival in July for a giant kite in the sky, thousands of Hindu gods asked to help harvest and harvests. Visitors launched what it is like an expatriate in Bali every Mayer can be found in the color of the museum. Mangrove Information Center, a large 650 – hectares of mangroves in southern to Sanur. Mangrove Boardwalk and the important role of games in education, environmental balance, through a guide for tourists.

Sanur It looks lovely spot

Sanur seaside snack food and some wonderful photo opportunities the path of many stations along the 5 km route. Food lovers Appetite.Sanur Island from your subconscious and your daily diving operations in the local evening market is one of the best places. Most of the operators and numerous coral reefs in Bali diving, including wreck to visit. Accredited training PADI courses for beginners.

This delightful hotel in Sanur

Traditional Balinese style 12-bedroom villa, with its own private entrance, open living and dining area, full-service kitchen, each. This compounds the value of the property in Bali four cottages is cool and relaxed atmosphere. Excellent service and luxurious facilities and small boutique properties. This award – award-winning budget hotel set in beautiful tropical gardens and tranquil Sanur beach, air-conditioned rooms southern tip of a large swimming pool and the promise of restaurant. This beachfront hotel fabulous dining offers guests two swimming pools, a beach club and excellent – in the dining facilities. Seaside villa garden view room or the option is available, as well as some well-dressed group.

A beautifully designed 3 bedroom property, about 5 minutes north of Sanur seaside villa in the way. The formation of a complex of three villas nine-bedroom house in a small and intimate, unique accommodations for the Group. Is to provide a private swimming pool and the wonderful staff full-time cook, maid and gardener compliment. Twenty-appointed luxury villa in a private collection, with its own diving pool, outdoor shower, sofa bed, and every evil massage. Take a full-service spa, bar and restaurant offers a European style.

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